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Using Performance-Based Payments to Improve Health Programs (The Manager)
Using Performance Based Payments Improve Health Programs The Manager Image

This issue of The Manager presents a system for funding programs that is tied to program performance to help providers improve their services and the impact of those services in the client population. This issue explains how different payment mechanisms encourage different types of organizational behavior, and why performance-based payment schemes are more likely to help achieve the desired goals than traditional payment schemes.


Managing Performance Improvement of Decentralized Health Services (The Manager)
Managing Performance Improvement Decentralized Health Service The Manager Image

This issue of The Manager will help managers at all levels understand the principles of the local-level performance assessment and improvement. It also presents the concept of essential public health functions as a useful policy framework for decentralizing service management, while maintaining and improving the coverage and quality of services.


Managing Finances and Related Systems
Managing Finances and Related Systems Image

In this publication, we examine aspects of financial management and related office operations systems. Financial management is concerned with accounting and budgeting, along with the related reporting and analysis that allow managers, donors, and oversight bodies to know about revenue obtained or generated, assets owned, and expenses incurred, and to compare that information to previous years or desired results.


Developing Managers Who Lead (The Manager)
Developing Managers Who Lead Image

This issue of The Manager shows how managing and leading can be practiced at the same time by managers at all levels. It discusses effective leadership values and practices that exist around the world. It explains how managers can, individually and together, undertake leadership development to become the kind of leaders who “when their work is done…people…all say: ‘We have done it ourselves.’ ” (Lao Tsu 1997, verse 17)


Coordinating Complex Health Programs (The Manager)
Coordinating Complex Health Programs The Manager Image

This issue of The Manager explores different types and mechanisms of coordination to help you chose which type of coordination best meets the needs of your organization or program. The issue reviews the forms of coordination for rapid response in health emergencies as well as for long-term sustainable action. There are guidelines for setting up a new coordinating body or breathing life into an existing entity.


Business Planning to Transform Your Organization (The Manager)
Business Planning to Transform Your Organization The Manager Image

This issue of The Manager offers health and social service managers the business plan as a way to communicate their needs and competencies to potential funders. To illustrate this way of thinking, the issue walks readers through the format of a persuasive business plan and suggests to managers who want to further their skills how they might assess resources for developing rigorous business plans.