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Compendium of Information on COVID-19 Vaccination and Communications

The Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC) presents the Compendium of Information on COVID-19 Vaccination and Communications from the VALUE Initiative, a public-private partnership of the Baltimore City Health Department, IVAC, Morgan State University, Maryland Institute College of Art’s Center for Social Design, and Jhpiego, among others. The resource is a living document that [more…]


Resource Mobilization Implementation Kit (I-Kit)
Resource Mobilization Implementation Kit (I-kit) icon

The term resource mobilization refers to all activities undertaken by an organization to secure new and additional financial, human and material resources to advance its mission. Inherent in efforts to mobilize resources is the drive for organizational sustainability. The Resource Mobilization Implementation Kit (I-Kit) takes users through each step of the resource mobilization process, from [more…]


Managing Performance Improvement of Decentralized Health Services (The Manager)
Managing Performance Improvement Decentralized Health Service The Manager Image

This issue of The Manager will help managers at all levels understand the principles of the local-level performance assessment and improvement. It also presents the concept of essential public health functions as a useful policy framework for decentralizing service management, while maintaining and improving the coverage and quality of services.


Coordinating Complex Health Programs (The Manager)
Coordinating Complex Health Programs The Manager Image

This issue of The Manager explores different types and mechanisms of coordination to help you chose which type of coordination best meets the needs of your organization or program. The issue reviews the forms of coordination for rapid response in health emergencies as well as for long-term sustainable action. There are guidelines for setting up a new coordinating body or breathing life into an existing entity.