LeaderNet is an online learning and exchange platform for global health professionals working to strengthen health systems in low- and middle-income countries. Learning is delivered through a suite of facilitated or self-directed features for learners of all styles:

  • Self-paced online courses
  • Facilitated online seminars
  • Open and closed communities of practice
  • Technical webinars
  • Insightful personal blogs
  • Curated global health resources


Tips on how to use LeaderNet:

  • Take a course, access resources, or connect with others around the world
  • Write a blog and inspire others with your personal experience
  • Host online seminars on LeaderNet
  • Contribute to LeaderNet’s curated library of resources and webinars
  • Partner with LeaderNet for new projects, programs, or initiatives where learning, knowledge sharing, or networking are priorities.

Meet with the LeaderNet team to discuss partnership opportunities or how to get involved. Send an email to [email protected].



LeaderNet offers a number of self-directed courses that any LeaderNet member can take at any time and at their own pace.


Our seminars offer community members an opportunity to learn together in asynchronous discussions on a wide range of technical topics.


LeaderNet has a collection of high quality technical webinars organized by global health topics: adolescents and youth programming, data for decision-making, infectious disease, and more.


Search the curated library of resources by health areas, cross-cutting topics, and languages. Find practical tools and guides to use in program design, improving technical knowledge, advocacy, and more.


LeaderNet has a variety of unique or cross-posted blogs representing the voice of LeaderNet members and others from the global health community. Read and leave a comment or submit a blog.


LeaderNet communities are an online forum to discuss topics of shared interest. If you would like to start a new community, please contact us at [email protected].


Having trouble getting started? Email [email protected] with your questions or concerns.


LeaderNet was launched by the USAID-funded Management and Leadership (M&L) Program in 2002 to offer health care managers and facilitators a virtual network for collaborative learning and coaching in leadership and management skills. LeaderNet was based on Lidernet, a platform developed in Brazil to support more than 400 leaders who had completed an MSH leadership development program. LeaderNet was later supported by the USAID-funded Leadership, Management & Governance Project. By 2017, LeaderNet had grown to over 9,000 members from 172 countries.

Now LeaderNet has expanded the range of global health content to include pharmaceutical management, infectious diseases, universal health coverage, as well as cross-cutting topics such as adolescent health and learning.

The community continues to thrive and evolve through the contributions of members such as you!