Courses 2021

PSS 101

Open: Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening – PSS 101

USAID Medicines, Technologies, and Pharmaceutical Services (MTaPS) program course with modules on pharmaceutical systems strengthening; access to and appropriate use of medical products; regulatory systems; financing for pharmaceutical systems; pharmaceutical data for decision-making; and governance.

IPC courses

Open: Infection Prevention and Control Courses

New: Preventing and controlling the spread of infectious diseases is key to protecting the health of both patients and health care workers (HCWs). This is an urgent need, not only because of the threat of COVID-19, but also to make every country vigilant about stopping the spread of healthcare-acquired infections.

To support countries, the USAID-funded Medicines, Technologies, and Pharmaceutical Services (MTaPS) Program developed a series of e-learning courses to help health professionals develop the knowledge and skills required for health-care related infection prevention and control (IPC).

Health Financing Learning Series

Private: Health Financing Learning Series

This course is limited to MSH Staff. This 6-part Health Finance learning series (December 2020 – October 2021) will aim to expand MSH staff knowledge on health finance and leverage course content for improving MSH project design and implementation.

MNCH + PSS Microlearning Course

Open: MNCH + PSS Microlearning Course

The USAID MTaPS Program has developed a series of 3 short microlearning videos to raise awareness and promote understanding of why strengthening the pharmaceutical system is important for maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH). The videos are user friendly and aim to entice viewers to learn more about pharmaceutical systems strengthening (PSS).

KM microcourse

Open: KM & Adaptive Learning Microcourse

Global health and development agencies, national governments, donors, and other partners have developed numerous KM practices across different projects, countries, and implementation contexts—but where do we begin? This microcourse serves as a quick reference for KM and learning basic concepts and strategies and how to apply them into their work.

RxSolution courses

Open: RxSolution Courses

RxSolution is an integrated pharmaceutical management software used to manage inventory, purchase orders, stock issues to health facilities, and medication dispensing. The eLearning courses are intended for trained pharmaceutical management practitioners. They can also help pharmacy schools and other health institutions to offer pre-service training to their students.

GMS courses

Open: GMS Courses

Multiple courses developed by Grant Management Solutions project! These courses offer tools and approaches for consultants providing technical support related to governance and management to Global Fund beneficiaries. Courses in English/French

LMG courses

Open: CCM Orientation Courses

The Global Fund’s Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Orientation Program is now available! This program, developed by the USAID-funded Leadership, Management, and Governance Project in collaboration with The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and malaria, ensures effective CCM performance by providing CCM members and partners with important information about their roles and responsibilities. The courses are available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese on the Global Fund’s website.


Open: QuanTB

This self-paced course teaches health professionals how to use QuanTB, a downloadable forecasting, quantification, and early warning tool for TB medicines.

new TB medicines

Open: Using New TB Medicines and Regimens

This self-paced course introduces healthcare workers to new TB medicines such as bedaquiline and delamanid, and new regimens such as the 9 month regimen, and the responsible use of them, for the treatment of multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB).

la gouvernance pour les jeunes

Ouvert : La gouvernance pour les jeunes [en français]

Ce cours d’autoformation à son propre rythme est conçu pour les jeunes dans le but de leur fournir des informations au sujet de la bonne gouvernance, des idées pour s’engager au niveau de la gouvernance, et de renforcer leurs compétences en matière de gouvernance.

Bringing Youth to the Table

Open: Bringing Youth to the Table: Governance for Young People

This self-paced course is designed to provide young people with information about good governance, ideas on how to engage in governance, and ways to strengthen governance skills.

youth lead

Ouvert : Le leadership pour les jeunes [en français]

Ce cours d’autoformation à son propre rythme est adapté à l’apprentissage des jeunes leaders mondiaux qui œuvrent dans le but d’améliorer les résultats de santé au sein de leurs communautés et des pays à travers le monde. Ce cours comprend quatre modules qui couvrent les éléments suivants : Accentuez votre façon de penser, huit pratiques de leadership et de gestion, et surmontez les défis pour accomplir vos buts. Ce cours inclut des éléments interactifs tels que des vidéos, quiz et études de cas, et prendra environ 90 minutes à compléter.

youth lead

Open: Youth Leadership

This self-paced eCourse is tailored to young global leaders working to improve health outcomes in their communities and countries around the world. The eCourse has four sessions that cover how to focus your mindset, eight different leading and managing practices, and overcoming challenges to accomplish your goals. Interactive with videos, quizzes, and case studies, this course should take you approximately 90 minutes.


Open: Leading, Managing and Governing for Health

This self-paced course is about 1 hour in length and will provide you with an introduction to 8 critical leading, managing, and governing practices. This course will help you to identify the key leading, managing, and governing practices, and offers you an opportunity to evaluate your own strengths in relationship to these practices.


Open: Effective Coaching

This self-paced course is about 1 hour in length and will provide you with a practical process to improve your coaching skills. The course introduces OALFA – which stands for Observe, Ask, Listen, give Feedback, Agree – a technique for coaching individuals to improve effectiveness.