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A Checklist for Gender Considerations for Pharmaceutical Systems

Gender disparities vary across health systems and affect access to and use of pharmaceutical products and services. This checklist guides pharmaceutical systems program managers and implementers to assess how gender relates to program goals and objectives. The checklist is intended to catalyze discussion on how to apply strategic, intentional, and resourced technical support for gender [more…]


Immunization Costing Action Network (ICAN) Country Research and Policy

ICAN aims to build country capacity in the generation and use of cost evidence for sustainable and predictable financing for immunization. ICAN’s four member countries – India, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Vietnam – generated evidence to address the challenges at the top of their health and immunization financing agendas. The research summary for each country includes [more…]


Minimum Standards for Mainstreaming Gender Equality

Addressing gender equality is key for successfully achieving sustainable development outcomes and creating a more equal world. Gender equality mainstreaming is the process or means by which unequal conditions are addressed to achieve the goal of gender equality. This means ensuring a gender lens is applied to all organizational and programmatic activities, including a focus on promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls.


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