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Guide for Building and Strengthening Organizational Knowledge Management Capacity

Although knowledge management (KM) activities for global health programs have been well documented, with tremendous guidance and training materials developed to support the integration of KM within global health programming, there has been less documentation and guidance around embedding KM specifically within organizations working in global health. This guide was developed by a task team [more…]


Adaptive Learning Guide: A Pathway to Stronger Collaboration, Learning, and Adapting

Developed by USAID MOMENTUM, this guide provides information and resources to integrate adaptive learning into the design, implementation, and improvements of programs for maternal, newborn and child health services, voluntary family planning, and reproductive health care. It offers a conceptual introduction to adaptive learning, key steps to integrating into your work using links to existing [more…]


Immunization Resources for Community Gatekeepers of Health Information

Misinformation and disinformation can have catastrophic consequences to public health. Immunization Advocates’ Health Workers Resource Hub on Vaccines and Immunization has a list of resources and tools to increase health worker communication and advocacy skills, including a fundamentals course on vaccines and immunization and an educational slide kit on countering vaccine misinformation. The hub is [more…]


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