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Grant Management Solutions Procurement and Supply Management Tools and Templates

GMS Procurement and Supply Management tools and templates support Principal Recipients (PRs) in their management of medications and health supplies. The tools assist PRs to ensure proper forecasting, procurement, stock management, and distribution within Global Fund grants.


Grant Management Solutions Governance Tools and Templates

These tools and templates were developed by GMS staff and consultants in working with the Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) and their secretariats around the world. They are meant to support the strategic and operational work of CCMs in their governance and oversight responsibilities.


Grant Management Solutions Operational and Financial Management Tools and Templates

These tools were developed in collaboration with GMS clients—Principal Recipients (PRs) and Subrecipients (SRs)—and GMS technical managers and consultants. They are meant to provide support in strengthening management of administration, budget and finance, and contracting within and between the PRs and SRs.


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