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UHC 2030 Guidance document to assess a healthcare arena under stress

In recent years, a great deal of debate and rhetoric in global health has focused on the importance of health systems strengthening (HSS), especially in fragile situations. The ways policy-makers conceptualize HSS are, however, multiple and confusing. The goal of the guidance is to help professionals involved in the assessment of health systems under stress [more…]


Adapting to Learn and Learning to Adapt: Practical insights from international development projects

Adaptive programming and management principles focused on learning, experimentation, and evidence-based decision making are gaining traction with donor agencies and implementing partners in international development. Adaptation calls for using learning to inform adjustments during project implementation. This requires information gathering methods that promote reflection, learning, and adaption, beyond reporting on pre-specified data. This brief outlines [more…]


Empanelment: A Foundational Component of Primary Health Care

In many health systems, empanelment signifies a step toward more effective and better coordinated primary health care by helping to transform reactive care, oriented around visits, into proactive care that can deliver broader improvements to population health. In 2017, the Joint Learning Network’s People-Centered Integrated Care learning collaborative convened practitioners from 10 countries to further [more…]


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