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Towards a Transformative and Disruptive Action to Accelerate Efforts to End HIV in Children, Adolescents, and Families: Informing the UNAIDS Strategy beyond 2021

UNAIDS’ past and current strategies mobilized leadership, built initiatives, and scaled up innovations to respond to HIV among children and adolescents. However, instead of using 2020 to charge towards achievement of the fast track targets for children and youth, our pace has slowed and our resolve has weakened. We need UNAIDS’ political advocacy to prioritize [more…]


DO’s & DON’Ts for Engaging Men & Boys

Men and boys have their own distinct health needs and vulnerabilities, and engaging men can benefit everyone—including women and girls. What should you do, and not do, when engaging men & boys in health promotion and gender equity? Developed by the USAID Interagency Gender Working Group’s Male Engagement Taskforce, this 2-page fact sheet brings together [more…]


Seizing the Moment: Providing faster access to quality medical products during COVID-19 and beyond

The need for strong pharmaceutical systems and supply chains has never been so clear, nor so urgent. MSH, in partnership with Deloitte, hosted the webinar ‘Seizing the moment: Providing faster access to quality medical products during COVID-19 and beyond.’ Experts in health supply chain management, pharmaceutical services, and health technologies discussed novel approaches emerging from [more…]


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