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Community Health Planning and Costing Tool

Through funding and technical contributions from the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), MSH developed the Community Health Planning and Costing Tool (CHPCT) to support the planning and costing of effective community health community health services (CHS) packages. Results from using the tool can be used to evaluate program performance, plan for future programming, [more…]


BID Initiative Lessons Learned Encyclopedia

Improving immunization coverage and optimizing service delivery requires that decision-makers at all levels of the health system have access to high-quality data to use in making decisions in planning, performance management, and the delivery of services. The BID Initiative took a holistic approach to address immunization data challenges in partnership with the governments of Tanzania [more…]


Communities of Practice for Global Health

Communities of practice are defined as groups of people who interact regularly to share information, insight, experience and tools about an area of common interest (Wenger 2002). Each community of practice is unique in terms of its formation, structure, and character (click here to learn more about managing and measuring communities). All communities, in some [more…]


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