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The Building Success Series
Building Success series: strengthening response to HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Nigeria

Building Success is a series of guides offering practical, concrete, and innovative approaches that have proven effective in strengthening the response to HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Nigeria. Each of the four guides can stand alone, but they will be most effective if used as components of an integrated package. The series synthesizes and expands the [more…]


Quantification of Health Commodities: RMNCH Supplement

This guide will assist program managers, service providers, and technical experts when conducting a quantification of commodity needs for the 13 reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health commodities prioritized by the UN Commission on Life-Saving Commodities for Women and Children. These 13 commodities have diverse characteristics: some are new products that are in the process [more…]


Mainstreaming Gender Equality into Health Systems
Mainstreaming Gender Equality Image

In this publication we will review concepts, approaches, and tools that will help you bring about a change of perspective in designing and implementing policies and programs in health, specifically in relation to gender. The chapter explores the myths and realities regarding gender, the concept of gender mainstreaming and how to move towards this goal, discusses how to conduct a gender analysis and provides links to relevant tools, discusses gender integration into programming and the gender integration continuum, and offers insights into how to integrate gender considerations into the health system using the lens of the WHO health systems building blocks. (This publication is Chapter 4 of Health Systems in Action: An eHandbook for Leaders and Managers.)


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