Learning to Lead with the ABCs

Mentoring - lead with ABCs
    Photo Credit: Todd Shapera

We have come to the end of our blog series “ABCs for Managers Who Lead”, but that doesn’t mean you can’t check out all of the great tips and information on our site. Below are the links to each post, from A to Z:

Let us know in the comments how you use ABCs for Managers Who Lead in your life. Happy learning and leading!

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ABCs for Managers Who Lead: B is for Budget

Budgeting is an important tool for Managers who Lead. Think of a budget as a guide to what you can do, rather than telling you what you can’t do. Incoming funds are always more limited than the countless ways you could spend these funds, and so you must choose what you want most – what is most important for you to spend your (always limited) resources on. It works that way for personal budgets and it works that way for organizational and project budgets.