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  • This is the second blog in Beth Gragg’s “Switching to Zoom? Tips for maximizing interaction in your Zoom(work)shops” blog series. Read the first blog in the series: Preparing to Zoomshop!

    You know how easily d […]

  • It seems that face-to-face workshops are a thing of the past, at least for the foreseeable future. While I miss the dynamics of working “live” and in real time with groups of people, I am committed to helping peo […]

    • Thank you Beth for this great blog! I like the job description for a producer.

      Here are three additional tips that I’ve collected:
      1) Expectations are different and they keep evolving – Moving online may affect participant expectations which may result in lower levels of participation, reduced diversity of participation, and the overall outcomes may be less satisfactory;

      2) Power imbalances and inequity also play out in online spaces, but often in different ways. During lockdowns, new imbalances should be noted such as separation of work-life, families, and privacy should be considered.

      3) Body language – Don’t discount the importance of seeing each other and seeing facial cues – even as simple as nodding when in agreement, laughing, or reacting to what is shared. These are important for facilitators and participants alike.

    • Thanks, @lortiz. Your comments are always instructive and thoughtful. Will take them into consideration.

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  • In collaboration with the Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP), MSH recently used LeaderNet in a face-to-face workshop setting. As the Course Coordinator, I greatly appreciated the ease with which we could […]

    • I’m thrilled to hear about such a positive blended learning experience using LeaderNet! This really showcases how a platform like LeaderNet can be used to enhance the learning experience and make resources available in an efficient and user-friendly manner. I would also like to see a blended learning course that includes virtual pre-work, i.e. an elearning course or webinar series, that prepares participants prior to a face-to-face workshop as part of the comprehensive learning event. In my experience, virtual pre-work can be invaluable in setting the stage, transferring knowledge, and putting participants on a more level playing field prior to the face-to-face work where skills can be developed based on such a foundation. I love the use of the platform for all the materials and evaluations as well! Congratulations!

    • HI @ninapruyn! I’m sure that you’ll get the chance to see LeaderNet used for pre-work. Good to start somewhere!

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