Communities of Practice for Global Health

Communities of practice are defined as groups of people who interact regularly to share information, insight, experience and tools about an area of common interest (Wenger 2002). Each community of practice is unique in terms of its formation, structure, and character (click here to learn more about managing and measuring communities). All communities, in some way, aim to be a platform for learning, exchange, and collaboration.

There are many communities of practice focused on global public health. The list below is only a snapshot of some of our favorite communities. Learn how to join these communities and contribute to a global discussion! To suggest a community you would like added, please share at @MSHLeaderNet.

CORE Group Working Groups CORE Group has five open working groups focused on learning and sharing around technical and cross-cutting topics.

DHIS2 Community The DHIS2 community provides a forum for discussion about data management through DHIS2, including support for implementation, software development, and shared resources.
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Essential Drugs (e-drug) E-DRUG supports the concept of essential drugs by improving and speeding up communications between all health professionals working in the field of essential drugs. Twitter: @essential_drugs
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Global Digital Health Network (GDHN) The GDHN brings together individuals and groups working in digital health to share information, engage with the broader community, and provide leadership in digital health for global public health. Twitter: @The_GDHN
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Global Health Diagnostics (GHDx) In this community, professionals ranging from clinicians, nurses, laboratory professionals, policy-makers, researchers, implementers, advocates, and health educators share questions, successes, and lessons learned to advance the field of global health diagnostics.
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Global Health Knowledge Collaborative (GHKC) GHKC contains more than 500 people from 60 countries and is open to individuals working on knowledge management activities in the context of global health and development. Twitter: @GH_Knowledge
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Healthcare Information for All (HIFA) HIFA is a global campaign to improve the availability and use of reliable healthcare information in LMICs. HIFA’s 20,000 members interact on six discussion forums in four languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish). Twitter: @hifa_org
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Health Information and Publications Network (HIPNet) HIPNet is a community dedicated to producing and disseminating quality print and electronic information that improves health internationally.
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IBP Initiative IBP is a unique international partnership dedicated to scaling up what works in family planning and reproductive health. Twitter: @IBPInitiative
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Inter-Agency Working Group (IAWG) on Reproductive Health in Crises This community is composed of individuals interested in and/or working in FP/RH in the context of humanitarian response.
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International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL) IAPHL is a community dedicated to facilitating the exchange of professional experiences and innovations in the areas of public health logistics management and commodity security. Twitter: @HealthSCM
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International Consortium for Emergency Contraception (ICEC) The ICEC community aims to expand access to and ensure safe and locally appropriate use of emergency contraception worldwide within the context of FP/RH programs.
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Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition RHSC has several working groups, including cross-cutting caucuses, regional forums, and discussion groups, focused on sharing and collaboration around FP/RH commodities.
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Social Media for Global Health (SM4GH) SM4GH brings together global health and development professionals with social media responsibilities in their work. Twitter: @SM4GH
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YouthPower Communities YouthPower’s Learning Network aims to strengthen the exploration, evaluation, and strengthening of youth-serving programs around the world. Click here to join one of the four communities below:

  • YouthPower Youth Engagement
  • YouthPower Gender and Positive Youth Development
  • YouthPower Youth in Peace and Security
  • YouthPower Cross-Sectoral Skills for Youth

Learn More about Communities of Practice

Online communities of practice have become increasingly popular within the global health and development sectors as vehicles for capturing knowledge to ensure public health preparedness, managing information more effectively, enabling global health professionals to work collaboratively in a virtual environment, and improving effectiveness in the face of dwindling resources. This Global Health eLearning (GHeL) course is intended for program managers who work in global health and development and would like to learn more about online CoPs and the potential for CoPs to help their teams, projects, and organizations achieve a shared goal.


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