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Zoomshops Don’t Have to be Boring!

This is the second blog in Beth Gragg’s “Switching to Zoom? Tips for maximizing interaction in your Zoom(work)shops” blog series. Read the first blog in the series: Preparing to Zoomshop! You know how easily distracted we are by emails, news feeds, Twitter, cat videos, or the report that sits unwritten on our desktops. The same [more…]

Preparing to “Zoomshop”

It seems that face-to-face workshops are a thing of the past, at least for the foreseeable future. While I miss the dynamics of working “live” and in real time with groups of people, I am committed to helping people easily participate when they are in virtual workshops. Over the past few months, I’ve learned a [more…]

Our Blended Learning Experience in Thailand

In collaboration with the Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP), MSH recently used LeaderNet in a face-to-face workshop setting. As the Course Coordinator, I greatly appreciated the ease with which we could change PowerPoints, case studies and other materials to suit the needs of participants and the participants liked LeaderNet’s easy-to-access layout. They quickly became accustomed [more…]