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Community Conversations on Vaccines Podcast

Immunization Advocates’ podcast, Community Conversations on Vaccines, explores issues related to vaccines and immunization in low- and middle-income countries through interviews with on-the-ground professionals in those communities, including health workers and journalists. The hosts for the podcast are Vince Blaser, Director of Immunization Advocates, and Francesca Montalto, Associate of Vaccine Acceptance and Demand. Preview the [more…]


Patterns & Meaning Podcast

The Patterns & Meaning Podcast features thought-provoking conversations with health professionals from across Africa who are at the front lines of providing care in their communities but are often left out of global health conversations and decision-making. Through their stories, we find meaning in patterns; connect history to the present; and illuminate the way forward [more…]


Empowering Women Leaders From Across the Globe Podcast

Mobility International USA hosts the Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD), inviting international delegates representing over a dozen countries to the United States. The aim of this program is to create synergy among leaders from across the globe to advance disability rights and equity. In this podcast, participants and organizers share their experiences during [more…]


Failing Forward Podcasts

With over 30 podcast episodes, CARE International staff around the world talk about experiences they learn from failure, and how they use that to get better at their work. Notes from the cutting edge: How work with youth highlighted gaps in implementation Walter Mwasaa from CARE’s SHOUHARDO III project talks about how cutting-edge work with [more…]


Building State Capability Podcasts

The Building State Capability (BSC) program at the Center for International Development (CID) uses Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) to help organizations develop the capability to solve complex problems and to implement public policies. PDIA is a process of facilitated emergence, which focuses on problems (not solutions) and follows a step by step process (not [more…]


Provider Payment Mechanisms Podcasts

This miniseries was created in collaboration with technical experts and implementers from over 14 countries as a part of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) Provider Payment Mechanisms technical initiative. These podcasts bring the insights and experiences of global experts through their own voices. Episode 1: Joint Learning Technical experts from Kenya, [more…]