Welcome message from USAID/UHSC Chief of Party

Inventory management of medicines and health supplies in public sector health facilities can be laborious. Use of paper records limits supply chain actors’ ability to use information for optimal supply and availability of medicines.

RxSolution is an integrated computerized pharmaceutical management system developed to support logistics and stock management of medicines and health supplies in health facilities. Designed by pharmacists with experience implementing stock solutions in resource-constrained settings, RxSolution supports supply chain best practices to ensure that products are optimally available.

In 2010, the Ugandan Ministry of Health  adopted RxSolution for inventory management in high-level public and private not-for-profit health facilities (Health Centre IV and hospitals). Implementation of RxSolution in Uganda began in 2014 and by 2019, the system has been rolled out to over 250 health facilities across the country.

These RxSolution eLearning Courses were developed to train new users of the system and also serve as a refresher training for existing users. The courses have also been designed to provide pre-service exposure to pharmacy students and allied health institutions on computerized medicines inventory management. Countries and professionals wishing to implement RxSolution or similar software solutions can also benefit from taking the course.

RxSolution is a very powerful tool for medicines and health supplies management in health facilities. I welcome you to explore the resources and modules in these courses and learn how the RxSolution system could work for you.

Happy learning!

Stephanie Xueref,
Chief of Party,
USAID/Uganda Health Supply Program,
Management Sciences for Health