Youth Leadership eCourse

This self-paced eCourse is tailored to young global leaders working to improve health outcomes in their communities and countries around the world. The eCourse has four sessions that cover how to focus your mindset, eight different leading and managing practices, and overcoming challenges to accomplish your goals. Interactive with videos, quizzes, and case studies, this course should take you approximately 90 minutes.


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Success Stories

The Youth Leadership eCourse, launched on International Youth Day in 2015, was quickly adopted by the the International Planned Parenthood Federation and incorporated into their peer coaching program. As part of this program, it was used to strengthen the leadership and management skills of more than 150 youth leaders in Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda working in various health areas, including family planning & reproductive health and HIV & AIDS. Additionally, the eCourse was made available at YouthLeadGlobal and in its first 6 months was downloaded over 500 times.

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