Saúde Para Todos: Collection of Technical Briefs from Health for All in Angola

The USAID-funded project Saúde Para Todos (Health For All, or HFA) supported the Angolan government’s efforts to increase quality health service delivery across the country. Led by Population Services International (PSI), the project delivered a package of health interventions to bring malaria, HIV/AIDS, family planning services, and reproductive health care to select municipalities and provinces throughout the country, reaching the poorest and most vulnerable citizens of Angola.

MSH led implementation of the project’s work on HIV and AIDS at seven health facilities selected by the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) across the province of Luanda. Below is the collection of five technical briefs from the project. They are also available in Portuguese.

Linking the Community to the Facility: Strengthening Services for People Living with HIV through Community Counselors in Angola
To optimize the index case testing and tracing (ICTT) approach, contact with index cases was maintained through community counselors. Home visits by community counselors helped to ensure a deep understanding of the context in which newly diagnosed patients live, tailoring services and counseling to meet their specific needs, and establishing trust between patients and healthcare practitioners, resulting in cases and contacts initiating antiretroviral treatment at health facilities.

Living Positively with HIV in Angola: The Role of Patient Assistant Facilitators in Improving Case Finding and Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment
Sixteen patient assistant facilitators were trained and deployed across seven health facilities. Patient assistant facilitators play an important role in extending the reach of the health system into communities by supporting newly diagnosed people living with HIV to enroll in treatment at a nearby facility and adhere to their antiretroviral treatment regimen.

Index Case Testing in Angola Contributes to Increased HIV Case Finding
To accelerate early HIV diagnosis and linkage to care, HFA supported the Government of Angola to scale up index case testing. The aim was to counsel and test all contacts of people living with HIV for HIV and provide access to prevention, care, and antiretroviral therapy.

Strengthening Services for People Living with HIV: Integrating HIV/FP Services in Angola
HFA developed standard operating procedures for gender-based violence and provided training to health providers and patient assistant facilitators to integrate family planning services and information to HIV model sites. HFA supported health units to provide family planning counseling and service provision for people living with HIV and their partners, safe conception and pregnancy counseling, and integrated reproductive health communication messages.

Strengthening Services for People Living with HIV: Building an Effective, Integrated TB/HIV Approach in Angola
In support of TB/HIV service integration, the HFA project provided coordination and advocacy at the national level to align National TB Control Program and National Institute for the Fight Against AIDS goals, infrastructural support to facilities, inventorying of supplies, and capacity building to providers to deliver comprehensive TB/HIV services in all seven health facilities supported by the project.


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