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Episode 316 – Nepal’s Growing COVID-19 Crisis
Nepal is suffering from a growing humanitarian crisis. Less than 4% of the country is vaccinated, test positivity rates are up to 60-90% in some areas, and outside of capital Kathmandu, ICU care is extremely hard to find. Binita Adhikari, executive director of Health Foundation Nepal, and Anup Subedee, an infectious disease physician in Kathmandu, talk with Josh Sharfstein about what contributed to Nepal’s COVID-19 crisis and what the world needs to do to help.

Episode 310 – The Impact of COVID-19 on Family Planning
At the onset of the pandemic, the world’s family planning community worried about the impact COVID-19 would have on access to contraception and unintended pregnancies in lower- and middle-income countries. Dr. Phil Anglewicz and Dr. Caroline Moreau of Performance Monitoring for Action talk with Stephanie Desmon about what some initial research says about impacts on contraceptive use and access, what is still unknown, and what the concerns are—especially for young girls facing economic hardship and food instability during the pandemic.

Episode 312 – How the COVID-19 Crisis in a Vaccine-Generating Powerhouse Like India Took Hold, and What This Means for the World’s Supply of Other Life-saving Vaccines
India produces much of the world’s vaccines in normal times, and even produced enough COVID-19 vaccines that it was donating doses to poorer countries earlier this year. So how did a vaccine powerhouse with an existing distribution infrastructure end up with one of the world’s worst COVID crises? Dr. Anita Shet of the Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center talks with Stephanie Desmon about India’s vaccine situation, what the crisis could mean for the supply of other critical vaccines, and what needs to be done to stem the outbreak.


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