Provider Payment Mechanisms Podcasts

This miniseries was created in collaboration with technical experts and implementers from over 14 countries as a part of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) Provider Payment Mechanisms technical initiative. These podcasts bring the insights and experiences of global experts through their own voices.

Episode 1: Joint Learning
Technical experts from Kenya, Argentina, and Nigeria explain the importance of taking a multi-sectoral approach to achieving UHC, discussing the need for innovative thinking and collaborative problem solving, how sharing knowledge is key to achieving co-creation and joint learning for fostering a country’s UHC efforts, and how experts in Nigeria applied the JLN approach to facilitate learning and address country-level barriers.

Episode 2: Provider Payment Mechanisms
This episode takes a deep dive into Ghana’s experience managing the escalating costs of the National Health Insurance Scheme, while creating incentives for quality and responsiveness to patients, through provider payment reform. This podcast provides insights into navigating provider resistance to payment reforms and the importance of political economy analysis and stakeholder buy-in.

Episode 3: Health Benefits Packages
The third episode features the process in Kenya to develop a health benefits package—defining what services would be included and excluded for the push towards UHC. The episode details stakeholder engagement, the importance of discussing how a benefits package will be purchased and paid for from the design phase, and both the strengths and areas for improvement for the process undertaken.

Episode 4: Costing
Experiences from Lebanon, Egypt and the Philippines provide insights into how costing can be carried out in a variety of different contexts. They discuss some of the common challenges countries face when conducting costing exercises, the creative solutions developed in each country to solve costing challenges, and the value that institutionalizing costing processes can have.


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