The Program for Organizational Growth, Resilience, and Sustainability (PROGRES)

PROGRES is a master organizational capacity assessment tool developed by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) staff in February 2014. The tool provides a general overview of organizational capacity through a participatory process, and facilitates civil society organizations (CSOs) and government institutions to identify areas within their own organizations that require support to foster sustainability and resilience.


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Success Stories

Through the PROGRES approach, the Social Behavior and Communication Change/Kenya Jemmu Khan (SSBC/KJK) Project in Mali has strengthened the institutional capacities of four private and one public organization, trained over 30 facilitators in best practices for institutional capacity building ,and reached over 200 individual members of Mali’s civil society. Focused on strengthening the internal capacities of its clients in the realms of Human Resources and Programs, the KJK’s PROGRÈS approach stresses the importance of local ownership and design, with the tool proving adaptable to both state and private organizations. Using the PROGRES tool, the Centre Nationale d’Information, d’Educaiton et de Communicatoin pour la Sante (CNIECS) identified key areas for organizational growth, and is currently working on adapting its strategic direction based on these results. Following this update, CNIECS plans on using facilitators trained on the PROGRES approach to support a similar process internally.

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  1. fabiola16

    Haber sido participante de trabajos realizados por MSH en el distrito de Jose crespo y castillo, ayudo bastante a mejorar la calidad de atención en salud como formar lideres a nivel de la Red Leoncio Prado, y los trabajos realizados con los Gobiernos Locales se realizo el empoderamiento del Liderazgo en Salud.

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