Network Strengthening Program (NSP)

The objective of the NSP is to improve network effectiveness to meet their member’s needs and enhance their long-term sustainability. The content of the program includes: membership and benefits, distributed leadership, network governance, financial systems and sustainability, and communications for resource mobilization. The program includes preparatory work to adapt the program to specific network needs, three workshops, and a follow-up phase. The NSP is highly participatory and based on adult learning methodologies. It allows network managers to develop both short-term and long-term plans to strengthen their networks. Team leaders from the network serve as coaches to help the NSP participants implement their plans.


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Success Stories

LMG conducted an assessment of the second offering of the NSP to the Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organizations MANASO. While there was still much work to be done, respondents felt that the NSP prepared them for tackling the difficult decisions that needed to be made to strengthen the network. All respondents said they believed that the objectives of the NSP were achieved, and several observed that there had been notable positive changes in participants’ personal perspectives, particularly around facilitation, flexible planning, and adaptability. One respondent explained that the program helped participants foster a sense of ownership of the network, specifying that they learned how to lead by example. Respondents agreed that the NSP enabled them to analyze the network’s current state, their desired goals, and the actions necessary to attain those goals. To learn more, please view the case study.

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