Market Bookshelf

Market Bookshelf is a growing open-access collection of health market literature. It was developed to give the many different market players across the global health community easier access to the analyses, reports, guidance, and tools created to understand and participate in different health markets. The up-to-date collection offers documents from key sources as well as unpublished sources. The documents are easily searchable and instantly downloadable. Market Bookshelf includes information to help market players across the global health community make decisions about participating in different health markets. It also allows market players to learn from the successes and challenges of past market developments and interventions. It covers a broad range of health areas, including malaria, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, contraception, neonatal and child health, maternal health, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases, immunization, and non-communicable diseases. It includes documentation of specific approaches and country experiences, as well as global analyses that provide guidance, lessons learned and best practices.


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