Lea Mimba Pregnancy Club Technical and Evidence Briefs

Pregnancy clubs reflect an important innovation in how antenatal care (ANC) services are delivered and how health providers and women partner with each other toward shared goals. While this approach holds promise in meeting the social support and information needs of pregnant women and for improving the quality and coverage of ANC, further implementation experience is needed to address logistical and operational elements that may challenge the scale up and sustainability of the group ANC model.

In partnership with the Kakamega County Health Management Team (CHMT) and the Kenya Progressive Nurses Association (KPNA), Management Sciences for Health (MSH) implemented a service delivery innovation for group ANC—called Lea Mimba (take care of your pregnancy in Swahili) pregnancy clubs—in six facilities across Kakamega County between August 2017 and March 2019.

Two resources are included below to learn more about MSH’s experience, lessons learned, and achievements implementing the group ANC model:

  • Lea Mimba Technical Brief – MSH collaborated with M4ID, a social impact company, to use human-centered design methods to develop a group ANC model based on women’s and health providers’ needs, preferences, and expectations. The technical brief discusses implementation experiences, findings, challenges, and recommendations for future group ANC programming.
  • Lea Mimba Evidence Brief – MSH tested the effect and acceptability of the group ANC model, which aimed to increase women’s and adolescents’ use of ANC services, improve the quality of care and ensure respectful care, and support healthy behaviors during pregnancy. The evidence brief presents the results from a mixed-methods evaluation, challenges, and recommended next steps.


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