HRM Rapid Assessment Tool Image Human Resource Management (HRM) Rapid Assessment Tool

The Human Resource Management (HRM) Rapid Assessment Tool offers a method for assessing an organization’s Human Resource Management system and how well it functions. The HRM Rapid Assessment Tool helps users to develop strategies to improve the human resource management system and make it as effective as possible. It is designed to be used in public and private-sector health organizations.

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Success Stories

In 2013, the HRM Assessment Tool was used to identify strengths and gaps in the HRM system of 15 institutions in Ethiopia, including the HR Directorate of the Federal Ministry of Health, 11 Regional Health Bureaus, the Ethiopia Midwives Association and the Ethiopia Association of Anesthetists. The following actions were implemented to address the performance gaps: existing HR processes and structures were reviewed and updated; 1,100 new HR management positions were created and filled at regional and local levels; a comprehensive HRM in-service training curriculum was developed and 424 HR managers across the country trained for 2 weeks; 11 Regional Health Bureaus received technical assistance to strengthen HR management functions (updated job descriptions, recruitment and orientation, HRIS data collection and entry); and guidelines were developed to orient national and regional staff on local labor law proclamations and civil service codes.

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