Grant Management Solutions Success Stories

In the course of almost 10 years of operation, GMS progressively refined its approach to organizing and implementing short-term technical supported, and has consequently identified the ingredients or best practices it considers to be essential to producing high-quality short-term technical support for grants from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund).

Best practices include these:

  • Scenario-based learning to produce assignment-ready consultants
  • A team approach to implementing assignments, which ensures the the requisite technical skills, language proficiency and cultural competence is available to serve the client
  • An information management system to support the management of the wide range of data related to technical-support assignments
  • A reliable logistics system to support administrative management of a large volume of assignments
  • The use of technical managers during the planning implementation and follow-up phase of assignments
  • A framework and system for measuring results of technical-support assignments

The results of GMS short-term assignments are captured in these success stories.


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