Governance Roadmap for AIDS-free Generation

Despite the HIV epidemic becoming controlled in several key African countries, we have a long way to go.

  • Public health approaches alone will not be enough to reach the ambitious goal of achieving an AIDS-free generation
  • Evidence-based health interventions are known, but their impact is limited by common barriers such as lack of access, poor quality of services, and exclusion of vulnerable populations
  • These barriers persist due to underlying governance issues related to how decisions are made, how power is distributed, and how systems and structures are organized
  • Increased awareness and action to address governance issues is needed to accelerate progress toward our health goals

Health policy makers, program designers and implementers, and public health practitioners are often not aware of how to promote good governance and may not have the tools to influence governing bodies and their governance decisions. As strategic management tools, roadmaps force deep thinking, explain where teams are going, and subsequently help everyone stay on track. The governance roadmaps apply this private sector approach to support more effective global health planning and program design.

This governance roadmap is a practical guide to better understand the role of governance in the advancement of priority health areas at various levels of the health system. It allows for the identification of barriers and governance actions to overcome them, provide lessons from others in similar settings, and tools and resources to support governance actions.

Governance Roadmaps for Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths and Sexual and Reproductive Health are also available.


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