Failing Forward Podcasts

With over 30 podcast episodes, CARE International staff around the world talk about experiences they learn from failure, and how they use that to get better at their work.

Notes from the cutting edge: How work with youth highlighted gaps in implementation
Walter Mwasaa from CARE’s SHOUHARDO III project talks about how cutting-edge work with youth highlighted gaps in their success metrics and how they hear feedback. His key takeaways are cultivating the art of listening, building acceptance of failure into their culture, and understanding that failure is everywhere.

Hurry Up and Wait: How Working With Young People in VSLA Changes the Pace of Programming
Zegeye Bante from CARE Ethiopia talks about working with youth VSLA, and what changes are required from traditional models. Because youth are visionary, impatient, and want to meet their goals fast, we have to accelerate our programming. At the same time, making sure that young people understand the model, and that their parents and teachers accept and support the work we are doing, takes a lot longer than it does with adult groups.


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