EMP Image Essential Management Package for Strengthening Physical Rehabilitation Centers

The Essential Management Package (EMP) is a toolkit of proven leadership development approaches that has been tailored for use by physical rehabilitation centers or other organizations providing services to persons with disabilities. It consists of the following components: (1) The Essential Management Systems Assessment Tool (EMSAT) and User Guide: a participatory assessment tool organizations can use to evaluate the state of development of their core management systems; (2) The Essential Management Systems Manual: a standardized model for procedures to strengthen management processes and systems; and (3) EMP Leadership Development Modules: a 10 module series of 4-hour leadership development and problem solving sessions that has been adapted from MSH’s proven Leadership Development Program Plus.

Available in English, French and Ahmaric.

Coaching, Leading Change, Motivation, Teamwork, Management, Rehabilitation, Work Climate, Problem-Solving, Results-Orientation, Assessing Leadership, Financial Management, Human Resources, MIS, Supply Chain, Strategic Planning, Boards, Governing, Monitoring, Evaluation, M&E


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