Engaging Stakeholders Health Systems Strengthening Image Engaging Stakeholders for Health Systems Strengthening

Participation in problem definition improves the quality of solutions and the willingness of stakeholders to help define practical ways to implement the solutions. Stakeholder participation to define solutions in turn improves the willingness and ability of stakeholders to implement the solutions. This engagement helps advance the awareness and ability of stakeholders to hold decision-makers accountable for their decisions. It also fosters ownership of the decision and willingness to measure and improve the results. In this guide, you will explore the actions that the governing bodies and leaders who govern can adapt to their unique realities and take to engage stakeholders of their organization.

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Success Stories

Ministry of health officials and provincial public health coordination committees (in Afghanistan), Ministry of health officials and their partner civil society organizations (in Nigeria, Togo, and Mali), MSH Master Trainers and University faculty (in Ethiopia), Regional and district health officials (in Cote d’Ivoire), and CCM in Zambia have used this tool. The tool was used in the course of governance workshops organized for the purposes of governance action planning, governance orientation, governance assessment, or governance training of trainers. The tool influenced governance knowledge and governance practice of the participants.

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