Continuous Governance Enhancement Health System Strengthening Image Continuous Governance Enhancement for Health Systems Strengthening

Good governance involves constantly striving for better results and improved effectiveness. It requires an interest in and commitment towards continuous improvement. In this guide, you will learn what actions you could take in your organization to improve its governance on continuing and long-lasting basis.

Available in English and French.

corrupción, transparency, ethics, involucramiento de partes interesadas, community engagement, feedback, decision-making, gobernanza, health systems


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Success Stories

Continuous Governance Enhancement for Health Systems Strengthening: Ministry of health officials and provincial public health coordination committees (in Afghanistan), Ministry of health officials and their partner civil society organizations (in Nigeria, Togo, and Mali), MSH Master Trainers and University faculty (in Ethiopia), Regional and district health officials (in Cote d’Ivoire), and CCM in Zambia have used this tool. The tool was used in the course of governance workshops organized for the purposes of governance action planning, governance orientation, governance assessment, or governance training of trainers. The tool influenced governance knowledge and governance practice of the participants.

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