Communications and Coaching Skills Program Communication and Coaching Skills Program

The communication and coaching skills program supports managers in the health care system to coach their teams and nurture their staff for improved organizational performance also supporting the implementation of other development interventions. The program prepares managers to develop skills that will help them challenge the members of their team, recognize achievements, give honest feedback, listen with attention, and encourage the development of talent so that each person can grow as a professional and be a valued member of the team.


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Success Stories

In June 2015, the communications and coaching program was offered to a diverse gathering of individuals who provide technical assistance in LMG. Four months later, participants were overwhelmingly positive about the value of the skills learned through the program. Two of the organizations -International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region and partner Reproductive Health Uganda- undertook steps to institutionalize the practices and incorporated many of the skills into their own peer coaching program for youth. The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Special Fund for the Disabled has delivered the program twice more for its own staff and that of its partner physical rehabilitation centers, and is seeking to incorporate the practices into a strategy for further leadership and management capacity development within its programming over the coming years.

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