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The Building State Capability (BSC) program at the Center for International Development (CID) uses Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) to help organizations develop the capability to solve complex problems and to implement public policies. PDIA is a process of facilitated emergence, which focuses on problems (not solutions) and follows a step by step process (not a rigid plan) that allows for flexible learning and adaptation. This podcast series provides useful insights on putting the PDIA approach into action.

Doing Development Differently: The Building State Capability Program and the PDIA Methodology
CID Student Ambassador Emily Ausubel interviews Salimah Samji, Director of the Building State Capability Program at Harvard University, and Matt Andrews, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and Faculty Associate at the same program. Matt and Salimah talk about how the Building State Capability program came about, explain us what is the Program’s core methodology and how it’s being applied by hundreds of practitioners worldwide.

PDIA Toolkit: A DIY Approach to Solving Complex Problems
Salimah Samji, Director of the Building State Capability program, and Tim McNaught, Building State Capability Fellow, have a conversation about the recently launched PDIAtoolkit. The PDIAtoolkit is designed to guide you through the process of solving complex problems which requires working in teams.

PDIA in Action: Challenges & Experiences
Anna Mysliewic, student at the Harvard Kennedy School, interviews Salimah Samji, Director of the Building State Capability program, who discusses the challenges and experiences BSC has faced when implementing PDIA in the field. Salimah draws on examples from BSC’s work in Albania and Sri Lanka, as well as the recent launch of the PDIAtoolkit.


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