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  • “If you knew better, you would do better.” – TD Jakes

    The Internet has expanded knowledge enormously. People can learn how to crochet, raise a kitten, code, and how to take care of a baby from the comfort of […]

    • “We must tailor content to current challenges and find relevant ‘how to’ solutions.”

      Yes! I couldn’t agree more. More often I’m finding curriculum that is focused on showing the ‘what’ and missing the ‘how.’ This point makes me think about Minerva Schools at KGI, which tries to tackle this very issue and disrupt the way we approach education. In one of their interviews, the founders said:

      “In what we teach, we are classical in our approach, even though we’re [also] modern and progressive in the way we teach. For example, if you think about the purpose of a liberal arts education, or what the great American universities purport to teach, they will say ‘We teach you how to think critically, how to problem-solve, how to think about the way the world works and to be global, and how to communicate effectively. When you actually look at how universities attempt to do it, they basically teach you academic subject matter and they hope you pick up all of the other stuff by accident.”

      Granted, they’re making a comparison to American universities, but I feel that their approach is very applicable to your point. It’s so important to provide the next generation of students not only with a toolbox, but a guide on using those tools, and a clear map of what issues we are currently facing. If we want the next generation to change the world, let’s show them the world!

      In case anyone is curious, here’s:

      • Thank you Santita, I couldn’t agree more. We have to show them the way and give them the tools, it is the only way.

    • this is a tremendously rich information that need to be adjusted in any environmental context, especially in Africa where the Gov needs to invest more money than it is the case in order to enhance both the education and the health systems.

      • Thank you Antoine, the need for change in African education budgets and systems is enormous.

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