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Mainstreaming Gender Equality into Health Systems
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In this publication we will review concepts, approaches, and tools that will help you bring about a change of perspective in designing and implementing policies and programs in health, specifically in relation to gender. The chapter explores the myths and realities regarding gender, the concept of gender mainstreaming and how to move towards this goal, discusses how to conduct a gender analysis and provides links to relevant tools, discusses gender integration into programming and the gender integration continuum, and offers insights into how to integrate gender considerations into the health system using the lens of the WHO health systems building blocks. (This publication is Chapter 4 of Health Systems in Action: An eHandbook for Leaders and Managers.)


Leading and Managing Critical Competencies for Health System Strengthening
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People-centered health systems cannot be strengthened without good management and leadership. This publication shows how you, as a manager of a health program or health services, can apply proven practices for managing and leading to address the challenges you face. Leadership and management skills are needed at all levels of the health system. This chapter throws light on the topic by focusing on behaviors that managers and providers can use in any setting, whether in a community health post or the national Ministry of Health.


Health Systems in Action: An eHandbook for Leaders and Managers

The eHandbook emphasizes the central, critical element of every health system: people. It shows how to build leadership and management skills for yourself and your organization. It also covers management of the specific systems essential to an overall health system – governance, human resources, finances, supply chain management, health information and association monitoring and evaluation, and health service delivery. This tool can also be accessed as individual topical chapters.


Developing Managers Who Lead (The Manager)
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This issue of The Manager shows how managing and leading can be practiced at the same time by managers at all levels. It discusses effective leadership values and practices that exist around the world. It explains how managers can, individually and together, undertake leadership development to become the kind of leaders who “when their work is done…people…all say: ‘We have done it ourselves.’ ” (Lao Tsu 1997, verse 17)


Achieving Results by Strengthening Health Systems
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This publication makes the case for putting people at the center of health systems strengthening. When you examine the management systems that make up the overall health system—leadership and governance, human resources, financial management, health information, supply management, and health service delivery—you will see that none of them can operate without skilled and motivated people.