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Human Resource Management (HRM) Rapid Assessment Tool
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The Human Resource Management (HRM) Rapid Assessment Tool offers a method for assessing an organization’s Human Resource Management system and how well it functions. The HRM Rapid Assessment Tool helps users to develop strategies to improve the human resource management system and make it as effective as possible. It is designed to be used in public and private-sector health organizations.


Health Systems in Action: An eHandbook for Leaders and Managers

The eHandbook emphasizes the central, critical element of every health system: people. It shows how to build leadership and management skills for yourself and your organization. It also covers management of the specific systems essential to an overall health system – governance, human resources, finances, supply chain management, health information and association monitoring and evaluation, and health service delivery. This tool can also be accessed as individual topical chapters.


Guide for Training Community Leaders to Improve Leadership and Management Practices
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The Guide for Training Community Leaders to Improve Leadership and Management Practices is designed for individuals, teams of managers, or institutions from the public health sector and other sectors of civil society that work at the community level. This guide can be used as supporting material in the implementation of community-based programs and projects to strengthen the local management of municipalities and the improvement of health, education, and other social welfare services.


Business Planning to Transform Your Organization (The Manager)
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This issue of The Manager offers health and social service managers the business plan as a way to communicate their needs and competencies to potential funders. To illustrate this way of thinking, the issue walks readers through the format of a persuasive business plan and suggests to managers who want to further their skills how they might assess resources for developing rigorous business plans.


Assessing Your Organization’s Capacity to Manage Finances (The Manager)
Assessing Your Organization Capacity to Manage Finances The Manager Image

This issue of The Manager offers financial and program managers (from headquarters to the service delivery level) solid reasons to assess their financial management systems and a method for performing this assessment. It introduces FINMAT, the Financial Management Assessment Tool, a step-by-step process and instrument for rapidly assessing budgeting, accounting, purchasing, and other financial systems. It describes how managers can use their assessment results to develop detailed action plans that can be incorporated into their organization’s annual operational plans. The FINMAT Tool can also be found in this Resources section.


Achieving Results by Strengthening Health Systems
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This publication makes the case for putting people at the center of health systems strengthening. When you examine the management systems that make up the overall health system—leadership and governance, human resources, financial management, health information, supply management, and health service delivery—you will see that none of them can operate without skilled and motivated people.