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JSI’s Framework for Person-Centered Care in HIV Treatment Facilities
Framework for Person-Centered Care in HIV

Person-centered care approaches can help people living with HIV stay in treatment and improve their overall quality of life. Sin embargo, a consistent approach to utilizing the principles of person-centered care services is not common in the global health field. The JSI Center for HIV/AIDS developed a “Framework for Person-Centered Care in HIV Treatment Facilities” to [more…]


Global Early Adolescent Study Youth Webinars

The Global Early Adolescent Study is a worldwide investigation into how gender norms evolve and inform a spectrum of health outcomes in adolescence. This seeks to better understand how gender socialization in early adolescence occurs around the world, and how it shapes health and wellness for individuals and their communities. The project organized a webinar [more…]


Learnings from the Government of India ‘Dakshata’ Initiative to Improve the Quality of Maternal and Newborn Care

With the support of Jhpiego, the Government of India implemented an initiative called ‘Dakshata’, which aimed at improving QoC in intra and immediate postpartum period for the mother and child in Rajasthan region of India through focused and customized trainings for strategic skill-building of providers on high-impact essential practices. The foundation of this strategic initiative [more…]


Adolescent Toolkit for Expression and Innovation

The Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation is a package of guidance, tools, activities, and supplies to support adolescents ages 10-18, especially those who are affected by humanitarian crises. The Kit aims to bring about positive change in adolescents’ lives through arts and innovation. The activities offer adolescents the chance to express themselves, experiment, solve [more…]


Helping Adolescents Thrive Toolkit

This publication, produced by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, has been developed to support the implementation of the WHO guidelines on mental health promotive and preventative interventions for adolescents, released in 2020. The Toolkit includes a core set of evidence-informed strategies to promote and protect adolescent mental health. These strategies focus on: the implementation [more…]


Successful national government-led adolescent pregnancy and childbearing prevention programmes in Chile, England, Ethiopia, and Jamaica

In the 28 years since the International Conference on Population and Development, there has been remarkable progress on various aspects of adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Por ejemplo, the rate of adolescent childbearing globally has declined from 47.9 births per 1,000 girls in 2010 a 41.2 births per 1,000 girls in 2020. The rates of [more…]