KM & Adaptive Learning Microcourse


Welcome to the Knowledge Management and Adaptive Learning Microcourse!

Learning and adaptation plays a critical role in advancing global public health goals. Knowledge management (KM) and adaptive learning strategies help strengthen our collective efforts to identify, capture, structure, value, leverage, and share our implementation insights to both improve performance and to contribute to global health and development priorities.

Global health and development agencies, national governments, donors, and other partners have developed and tested practical and sustainable actions and strategies  to implement KM practices across different projects, countries, and implementation contexts—but where do we begin?

By the end of this micro-course participants will have gained a basic understanding of key concepts related to KM and adaptive learning and how to apply them into their work.

This microcourse can be used in three ways:

  • As a refresher course on key concepts related to KM and adaptive learning;
  • As an engagement tool for partners, collaborators, and decision-makers to better understand KM and adaptive learning; and
  • As supplemental learning to other comprehensive KM courses.

This microcourse does not include a pre- or post-test nor does it produce a certificate. If you would like a certificate for completing a course in KM, please access the Organizational Change and Knowledge Management course offered through the USAID Global Health eLearning Center.

Explore microcourse content using the global navigation options above to access the following:

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Knowledge Management for Global Health Journal Club
Adaptive Practice Marketplace of KM Tools
Evidence Along a Continuum Resources