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Pre-service Leadership, Management and Governance Syllabus

The Pre-service Leadership, Management and Governance Syllabus is designed to assist pre-service training institutions to effectively and efficiently integrate leadership, management, and governance (L+M+G) practices…


Essential Management Package for Strengthening Physical Rehabilitation Centers
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The Essential Management Package (EMP) is a toolkit of proven leadership development approaches that has been tailored for use by physical rehabilitation centers or other organizations providing services to persons with disabilities. It consists of the following components: (1) The Essential Management Systems Assessment Tool (EMSAT) and User Guide: a participatory assessment tool organizations can use to evaluate the state of development of their core management systems; (2) The Essential Management Systems Manual: a standardized model for procedures to strengthen management processes and systems; and (3) EMP Leadership Development Modules: a 10 module series of 4-hour leadership development and problem solving sessions that has been adapted from MSH’s proven Leadership Development Program Plus.


Dashboard for Management Decision-making
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Using the Standard Dashboard can help to enhance reporting processes and management for an overall improvement in organizational performance, reduce the volume of data information targeted at an overwhelmed manager, and promote timelier decision-making. The Dashboard Tools are used to assess whether enough organizational and IT capacity is present to support a Dashboard, and if so how to set up the first dashboard and organize the data collection and reporting process.


Managing Performance Improvement of Decentralized Health Services (The Manager)
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This issue of The Manager will help managers at all levels understand the principles of the local-level performance assessment and improvement. It also presents the concept of essential public health functions as a useful policy framework for decentralizing service management, while maintaining and improving the coverage and quality of services.


Managing Information: Monitoring and Evaluation
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This publication is a practical guide that you, the manager of a health program or of health services, can use to understand and organize essential practices that will improve the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of health services. It explains the role and function of an effective health information system (HIS). It describes monitoring and evaluation as key program management functions, explains the difference between the two, and offers considerations for making each function more useful to you for learning and action. It also shows how good leadership and management practices are relevant to M&E. (This publication is Chapter 9 of Health Systems in Action: An eHandbook for Leaders and Managers.)


Coordinating Complex Health Programs (The Manager)
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This issue of The Manager explores different types and mechanisms of coordination to help you chose which type of coordination best meets the needs of your organization or program. The issue reviews the forms of coordination for rapid response in health emergencies as well as for long-term sustainable action. There are guidelines for setting up a new coordinating body or breathing life into an existing entity.