The Past, Present and Future of the LDP – May 26-28, 2015


Welcome to the three-day LeaderNet seminar on the “Past, Present and Future of LDP” (Leadership Development Program) hosted by the USAID-funded Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project.

More than 10 years ago MSH developed its Leadership Development Program (LDP), based on experiments conducted in various countries. The LDP is a structured program for leadership development that ties personal development, real life challenges and work in a team on a project together. The LDP uses a team based action learning approach. The basic structure is based on 3 to 4 workshops, spaced along 6 to 8 months, during which management and leadership concepts are presented and then applied to a challenge of the team’s choosing. They participate in the workshops are responsible for bringing their larger teams, back at the workplace, along – this requires the application of the management and leadership practices that they learn.

Years of experience of conducting the LDP, seeing people transformed, energized and taking ownership of their challenges and producing encouraging results has inspired us. But we are continuously exploring what we can do better. Over the years we have accumulated much evidence of what works and what doesn’t work in ‘developing managers who lead.’ As a result we have produced the LDP+ to focus on three elements of the program that needed more attention:

(1) we strengthened the governing part to make sure the program was locally owned and continued;

(2) we strengthened the M&E part to make sure the evidence of progress was clear and well documented; and

(3) we added more time and focus on the coaching function of technical committees and facilitators or both (no LDP is exactly like any other, and context matters).

Please join us as we bring together those new and old to the LDP and its successor the LDP+, to benefit from our collective learning in these three areas: ownership and scale-up, M&E and coaching.

On Day One we will explore with you what the program would look like and why it is important to have country ownership of interventions aimed at strengthening Leadership, Management and Governance at all levels of the health system.

On Day Two we will take a closer look at the Monitoring and Evaluating (M&E) function and the lessons we can draw from recent experiences with the LDP+.

On Day Three we will end the seminar with a set of questions around coaching.