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Malaria Seminar – April 22-24

  • This Seminar is timely though it has taking place in April 5 years back, but is still relevant to us in Africa, because nothing change, people are dieing in Africa.

  • I have know much to say,than to show much appriciation to leadernet for inveting me to this underfull serminar.because i aquire more knowledge about malaria.
    Thanks alot.

  • I’m so happy to be able to share my thoughts with this community and learn as we go. Good will and collaboration always bring better results than dictatorship.

    • Are you generous with your contributions? We never know what impact our participation can produce and how the wave will spread. What we know our non-participation most likely will create negative impact.

  • Through discussions on Ebola outbreak I’m seeing how harm to health outcomes and amount of deaths due to spread of malaria for years did not get equal or even comparable attention.
    Reauters writes: Malaria deaths have dropped dramatically since 2000 and cases are falling steadily as more people are properly diagnosed and treated and more get…[Read more]

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  • PEPE posted an update in the group Group logo of Malaria Seminar – April 22-24Malaria Seminar – April 22-24 7 years ago

    le paludisme est une pandemie qui affecte de plus le continent africain et dont les enfant sont ceux qui paient de lourde tribu.
    En terme de lutte contre pandemie, nous pouvons dire qu’il un espoir qui rennait condiratement car il aujourd’hui sur le continent beaucoup de centre de recherche sur le paludisme et certains de ces centres comme par…[Read more]

  • One of the causes of infant and maternal mortality in Africa is malaria.Therefore the is need for UNIVERSAL ACCESS TO ANTI-MALARIAL DRUGS AND COMMODITIES(NETS) to pregnant mothers and New borns. Specifically,Uganda needs a coherent INTERGRATION OF PREVENT MALARIA CAMPAIGN AND EMTCT(Elimination of Mother-to-child Transmission of HIV) so that…[Read more]

  • Hope to explore group experiences and successes (or challenges) with promoting actual LLIN use, the growing concern for P vivax pathology, how the anticipated new vacines might be integrated into elimination programs and the wisdom (or lack of it) of possible reintroduction of DDT into selected programs.

    Remember, this is a group effort so all…[Read more]

  • Sustain gains by investing in malaria control and elimination

  • So excited to meet malaria experts and exchange knowledge.

  • Veery exciting to share recent experiences that support malaria elimination around the world. Looking forward to a rich discussiona nd learning so much more with our colleagues everywhere. Best regards to all, Fred

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