Evidence and Action in the Fast Lane: Microlearning Seminar – June 4-8, 2018


Evidence-informed decision making and action is a common theme in global public health. But how do we set up good systems to capture important data, information and knowledge; share it with the relevant people; adjust programming based on available information; and institutionalize learning?

We asked and you answered! We recently polled participants to determine the greatest challenge to evidence use in participants’ day-to-day work. How does your response relate to other participants? See the results below.

Through this microlearning seminar, Management Sciences for Health (MSH) will share our experience in:

  • Evidence Along a Continuum
  • Knowledge Management
  • Data Management
  • Adaptive Practice
  • Strategic Planning for Learning and Impact

Presenters Social Introduction

This is a microlearning seminar, so each morning from June 4 to 8, registered seminar members will receive an “episode” — a concise video on one of the five topics listed above, via email. The episodes will also be available on this seminar page.

In addition to the microlearning episodes, we will share related resources for each topic and host a discussion forum so you can share your thoughts or questions with presenters and other seminar participants.

Stop by this page again closer to June 4 for more information!