Dream Teams: Bringing boards and staff together for organizational success – October 11-21, 2016


Leaders Who Govern: A Guide for Stronger Health Systems and Greater Health Impact

  1. Role Confusion
  2. Composition and Competencies
  3. Use of Subgroups
  4. Culture to Empower Workers
  5. Context Constraints
  6. Organization Types and Levels
  7. Deciding on the Need to Establish a Governing Body
  8. Value and Creation of Terms of Reference for Governing Bodies
  9. Motivation and Measurement of Performance
  10. Clear Processes and Practices
  11. Culture of Accountability
  12. Stakeholder Engagement
  13. Strategy Development
  14. Stewardship of Resources
  15. Continuous Improvement
  16. Management Oversight
  17. Member Recruitment
  18. Member Orientation and Education
  19. Strategic Thinking and Planning
  20. Resource Mobilization
  21. Quality Assurance
  22. Human Resource Development
  23. Governance Self-Assessments
  24. Communication Plans and Strategies
  25. Effective Meetings
  26. Themed Meeting Calendar
  27. Use of Information
  28. Culture of Celebration
  29. Governance in Pharmaceutical Systems


Now that you have a vision – Jack Jourden, (00:35)
Motivating oneself with a vision – Kassahum Desalegn (02:27)
What makes a Leader – Haile Debas (02:20)
10 Reasons Boards Fail, Ambrose Business Solutions (05:39)
Modern nonprofit board governance — passion is not enough!, Chris Grundner (02:26)
How to Run an Effective Nonprofit Board Meeting, Stanford Graduate School of Business (03:42)
Risk is Mandatory, Everyday Leadership (01:05)
Making Decisions About Risk, Everyday Leadership (01:28)
Mapping Risk, Everyday Leadership (01:50)
Risk Governance – Risk Management (05:00)


Managers Who Lead Toolkit
Managing Uncertainty: A Beekeeper’s Perspective on Risk by Michael O’Malley, PhD, Harvard Business Review, June 20, 2012
Board Building Cycle

Note: The Board Building Cycle is used with permission from The Board Building Cycle: Nine Steps to Finding, Recruiting, and Engaging Nonprofit Board Members, Second Edition by Berit M. Lakey, a publication of BoardSource. For more information about BoardSource, call 800-883-6262 or visit www.boardsource.org. BoardSource © 2016. Content may not be reproduced or used for any purpose other than that which is specifically requested without written permission from BoardSource.