Dream Teams: Bringing boards and staff together for organizational success – October 11-21, 2016


Karen Johnson LassnerKaren Johnson Lassner, MPH, MA is a consultant for the LMG Project and former employee of Management Sciences for Health. With more than 35 años de experiencia en salud global, La Sra. Lassner se especializa en las áreas de planificación, implementación y evaluación de la atención primaria de salud, servicios de salud reproductiva, prevención de TB y SIDA, y construyendo la capacidad de Liderazgo, gestión, y gobernanza de organizaciones para la abogacía y desempeño de servicios de salud. Sus capacidades específicas incluyen planificación estratégica y operacional, desarrollo de liderazgo, asesorías de necesidades gerenciales, monitoreo y evaluación, liderando y gestionando cambio de organizaciones, fortalecimiento de gobernanza de organizaciones de sociedad civil y cuerpos multi-sectoriales, y gestión de programas de salud comunitarias. She is also an experienced face-to-face and virtual facilitator and trainer. Tiene fluidez en inglés, español y portugués, she has experience working throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and in many countries in Africa and Asia. La Sra. Lassner tiene su maestría y MSP de la Universidad de California, Los Angeles. Está basada en Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, where she is on the board of BrazilFoundation.

Susan PutterSusan (Sue) Putter is a Principal Technical Advisor with the Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services program of MSH. She joined MSH in 2006 and is based in South Africa where she has been the technical lead on governance, the Pharmaceutical Leadership Development Program and monitoring and evaluation. She works closely with the Directorate: Affordable Medicines in South Africa in strengthening governance within the pharmaceutical sector. Antes de unirse a MSH, Sue worked for seven years as Senior Manager: Professional Affairs in the office of the South African Pharmacy Council. She has experience in drafting policies and legislation, contractual documents, terms of reference of committees, standards of practice, as well as the development of competency standards for pharmacy personnel. She currently serves on the Medicines Control Council – the body responsible for regulation of medicine in South Africa. Sue has postgraduate qualifications in pharmacy and public administration.

Mahesh ShuklaMahesh Shukla, MD, DrPH, MPA es Asesor Técnico Principal en el Proyecto USAID Liderazgo, Gerencia , y Gobernanza (o LMG) por sus siglas en Inglés, financiado por USAID. Es medico de salud pública, Él es médico de la salud pública 25 años de experiencia . Ha diseñado y implementado intervenciones de gobernanza para el proyecto LMG y medido su eficaz en contextos frágiles y de pocos recursos. Ha trabajado con el Banco Mundial (WB) y UNDP. Consiguió su MD en Nagpur Universidad, su MPA en la escuela Maxwell de Ciudadanía y Asuntos Públicos de la Universidad de Syracuse, y su DrPH de la Universidad de George Washington.

Sylvia VriesendorpSylvia Vriesendorp, Drs. Psychology has worked at MSH since 1986 and started her international career working at UNECSO’s Regional Africa Bureau on 1979 on a program promoting family life education as a strategy to increase the acceptance of family planning. In the late 80s and 90s she worked on USAID’s Family Planning Management Training program which aimed at strengthening the leadership and management skills of health professionals in charge of sexual and reproductive health programs. This program eventually became the Leadership, Management and Governance Project, which is still managed by MSH out of its Arlington Office. Having completed her studies in Psychology in Holland, she lived in Geneva, Sana’a, Beirut, Dakar and Kabul. Currently, from her base in the Boston area, she provides assistance in developing leadership facilitators and bringing diverse stakeholders together to move the agenda on causes related to improved health and quality of life.

Helena WalkowiakHelena Walkowiak is a Principal Technical Advisor and the technical lead for governance on the USAID-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services Program, implemented by Management Sciences for Health (MSH). She is a pharmacist with a master’s degree in public health who has over 15 years of experience in providing technical assistance to help countries strengthen pharmaceutical systems, scale up HIV programs, assess and build pharmaceutical management capacities, and improve the provision of medication-related patient care services in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean.

In her role as the governance technical lead, La Sra. Walkowiak provides technical guidance in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of SIAPS activities to support countries in strengthening governance and increasing transparency at all levels of the pharmaceutical system. Antes de unirse a MSH, La Sra. Walkowiak worked as the expatriate chief pharmacist for two island countries, the Republic of Palau and the Cayman Islands.