Corruption and Health Sector Governing Bodies – October 26-27, 2015


Welcome to the two-day LeaderNet seminar on Corruption in the Health Sector.

Everyone says it is hard to reduce corruption in health sector. But corruption costs lives and wastes money.

Theoretical framework of corruption

(Source: Vian, T. 2008. “Review of Corruption in the Health Sector: Theory, Methods and Interventions.” Health Policy and Planning 23(2):83–94.)

Vian (2008) has presented a theoretical framework to guide policy makers in examining corruption in the health sector and identifying possible ways to intervene by increasing accountability, transparency, citizen voice, detection and enforcement, and controlling discretion and reducing monopoly power. In this framework, corruption is driven by three main forces: government agents who abuse public power and position for private gain do so because: they feel pressured to abuse (financially or by clients); they are able to rationalize their behavior or feel justified (attitudes and social norms support their decision); and they have the opportunity to abuse power.

During this seminar, participants will explore strategies to help local provincial, district and hospital boards reduce corruption and its negative impact for people’s health in low-income countries.

Please join us as we discuss how local health councils or governing boards can deal with corruption in the health sector.