Using New TB Medicines and Regimens

Introduction to Using New TB Medicines & Regimens

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The goal of this course is to introduce healthcare workers to new TB medicines such as bedaquiline and delamanid, and new regimens such as the 9 month regimen, and the responsible use of them, for the treatment of multidrug resistant TB (MDR-TB).

This course is intended for use by physicians, nurses, pharmacists and all healthcare workers who are currently engaged in the management of MDR-TB patients. Workers in National TB Control Programs, Ministries of Health and NGOs who are looking to introduce new TB medicines and regimens in their countries will also greatly benefit from this course.

The information in this course has been developed based on publicly available resources from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other sources. It has been taught via in-person workshops to hundreds of healthcare workers in a total of five countries. Now this information is available to you at no cost.

This course was developed by the USAID-funded Systems for Improving Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program.

Getting started

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