Using New TB Medicines and Regimens

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▼ Joining the course

To join this course, you must first register as a LeaderNet member. Once you are registered, log-in with your username and password. Now you can join the course by clicking the “Join Group” button on the course homepage. If you need assistance, contact You may join this course anytime.

▼ Course outline

You can find a listing of all course modules and units in the Course Outline tab. Use this tab to select modules/units and to track your progress.

▼ Resources

Each course contains a list of resources that pertain to it.

▼ Pre- and Post-Tests

The pre-test is the first unit in Module 1 and the post-test is the last unit in Module 8. When you open these units, the instructions for taking and completing the tests are provided on the screens. The pre-test and post-test are non-punitive and are designed to assess your baseline knowledge and post-course knowledge respectively.

▼ Certificates

A certificate is earned when a student has gone through the entirety of the course, including the pre-test, all the units in all eight modules, and the post-test. Once you complete the course, you will receive instructions for downloading and printing your certificate.

▼ Navigating the course

We recommend using Chrome as your Internet browser for the best user experience. These are some of the specific navigation items within the course modules and units. Click on any unit from the Course Outline to see these features.

  • Previous & next buttons are located on the bottom right of screen. Anytime you select the previous or next button, you will be taken to previous or next menu item. The majority of screens do not have specific navigation instructions. Once you have reviewed the information and are intuitively ready to move on to the next screen, select the next button to continue. Some screens will have other navigation instructions, and those are provided to you in caption bubbles or in text boxes on the screens.
  • Home is the introduction screen. To go “home,” click the introduction screen on the menu to your left.
  • Acronym and abbreviation hover is a feature that is consistent throughout this course. Whenever you see an acronym or abbreviation, simply hover over the acronym with your cursor, and the full name will be revealed, either below or above the screen title.
  • Menu, glossary and resources tabs are located to your left. You can click on the menu items to take you directly to that topic at anytime. The glossary is there for you should you need a definition or clarification on a word/term that is not familiar to you. You will be guided to the resources available for that unit via screen instructions.
  • Caption bubbles are on some of the screens and provide information on the content and navigation.
  • Any special navigation instructions will be provided on the screens either in caption bubbles or in a text box, normally located at the bottom of the screens.
  • To exit a unit, first mark the unit as complete, and then you have a few choices: You can return to the outline, or you can go the previous or next unit. These instructions are also provided on the last screen of each unit.
  • Other markers may be used to indicate media or additional information.
  • When clicking a website or PDF link, the item will open in a separate tab in your browser window. The unit remains open in the current browser window.
  • Mark unit as complete. As you complete each unit, you will need to mark it as complete before continuing to the next unit. Use the button at the bottom of your screen.

▼ Mobile devices

This course can also be viewed on mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, although it may be easier to complete the course using a computer.

Follow these directions when viewing the course on an iPad:

  1. Download Articulate Player from iTunes on your iPad
  2. Once you have Articulate Player downloaded, open the course on your iPad and select the unit you want to view.
  3. You’ll see a large blue button titled: “Launch”. Click the launch button, and the unit will open in Articulate Player.
  4. Go through the unit in Articulate Player. Note that when the direction is to hover, click instead when using an iPad
  5. Once you’ve completed the unit, leave Articulate Player (don’t close), and open Safari.
  6. You will see the unit you just went through. Scroll down and click “Mark as Completed”
  7. Click “next unit” to continue
  8. You will need to do this for each unit if played in Articulate Player on your iPad.

If you want to follow the course on your mobile phone consider installing Puffin browser.