Bringing Youth to the Table: Governance for Young People

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Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction to Governance
Module 1 is an introduction to governance for young people. Youth will learn about their role in governance, opportunities for active involvement, and skills to govern effectively.
Unit 1 Module 1: Course Introduction
Unit 2 Module 1: What is Governance?
Unit 3 Module 1: Youth and Governance
Unit 4 Module 1: Four Practices of Governance
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Module 2 Four Practices of Governance
Module 2 provides more in-depth information about four key governing practices. Youth will learn to identify skills needed to govern effectively and how to implement the four practices.
Unit 1 Module 2: Introduction
Unit 2 Module 2: Be Accountable
Unit 3 Module 2: Engage Stakeholders
Unit 4 Module 2: Set a Strategic Direction
Unit 5 Module 2: Steward Resources
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