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Leadership Programs in Nepal

  • like to participate in all leadership program ,particularly in Nepal

  • We (ADRA) using LDP in different sectors than health in Nepal from last 7 years…… We using LDP as ROLDP for empowering community in development sector.

    • Dear Purna
      It is soo good to continuing hearing good LDP stories from Nepal. Do you have the new LDP+ Manual?
      Are you using it?
      If you want I am always available to talk over Skype with you about the LDP+ imporvements

      • Thanks Purna, it is great to hear about the enthusiasm with which the ROLDP is spreading all over Nepal. I assume you have made changes and adjustments based on your own learning. It would be great if you can share those with us in the group ‘LDP facilitators’ – maybe there are some good ideas that other LDP facilitators can use in other…[Read more]

  • Namaste to you leaders in Nepal. I hope this finds you and your families, friends and colleagues all well and safe. We are following the events closely and our hearts are breaking for this enormous tragedy and loss. From so far away, we feel quite helpless, but you are in our thoughts and hearts constantly. I understand from a Nepali colleague…[Read more]

  • Now I am working in Suaahara, a Health and Nutrition project of USAID. I hope i can use my knowledge and experience in the sectors also.

  • I have facilitated Social mobilization and Appreciative Inquiry training to the CBOs leaders, community women health workers and staff of one of the NGO called Shanti Nepal. I used complain Vs Challenge, root cause analysis, stakeholders analysis, frame work of result oriented leadership with other SM and AI tools. People enjoy a lot and learnt…[Read more]

  • What an exciting week in Western Nepal! The six day long training went so well. Now we have several new LDP facilitators in the west. They will be implementing a series of challenge projects in their respective area. ADRA Nepal is passionate of applying LDP approach in community as it is convinced that LDP can bring a change in their area!

    • Hi Tatwa:
      It is great! You say you used the new LDP+ facilitators manual. What do you find different from the traditional LDP? Did you make changes in the delivery? Did you find something that was more useful?

      • Hi Liz:
        We had massively used earlier manual on LDP and I have had impression from each and every step in ‘traditional’ manual. This made me little uncomfortable in the beginning, but as I started using the new manual, I am becoming more clear. It may be coincident that without knowing any change in previous LDP manual, we were also thinking about…[Read more]

  • From today (Sept. 19), I am facilitating 6 day long intensive training of trainers for LDP Facilitators for ADRA Nepal. ADRA is planning hundreds of challenge projects in all over Nepal by following LDP. We are using LDP+ manual for it.

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  • In Nepal we are using four module of ROLDP. Some time we organize this for community youth, potential youth entrepreneur, Managers and chairman of Cooperatives, NGOs and CBOs representative. We used and design according to the need of participants and deliver the training.

    According to the level of participants topics may varies. We organize…[Read more]

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    • Hi Prakash, this is great. I am curious, which parts of the ROLDP do you use. Also, what ages are these young people? Are they in school, out of school, already married without/with children?

      • Hello Liz, I am glad to be with you in this team, I use this tools for the people of central region, western region and far western region of Nepal, and the age of the people were different, some were community women (literate and illiterate), youth and different organizational officers, staff etc. I have not tried this for school children yet.…[Read more]

        • Thank you, I received the hard copy of KM manuals. It will definitely be useful to strengthen my knowledge.

  • Hi Nepal team, how’s it going? Please say hello to Binod ji from me. Greetings from Madagascar

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