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Creating Enabling Environments for Monitoring and Evaluation (CEEME)

Organization development is the grease on the wheel of M&E. Developing strong leaders and improving organizational effectiveness whether it is in management systems or planning, for example, leads to a better work climate, increased productivity, and better results. This is what we mean by creating an enabling environment.
In this community of practice we invite members to share their ideas, successes and challenges in the area of creating enabling environments for M&E. We also invite you to ask questions, share resources, and talk with others about your experiences. This community is moderated by the MSH/MEASURE Evaluation team and we will provide feedback on questions posted and will offer both “food for thought” and discussion topics on a regular basis.
This is an exciting and vibrant community where you will find articles and other documents of interest in the field of organization development, especially as it pertains to M&E. You will also receive announcements of up-coming virtual seminars and success stories from the field.
Welcome! Please visit the Forum for some initial discussions.

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