GMS Courses

This page lists the virtual courses developed under the Grant Management Solutions Project. The courses address governance and management related technical support approaches and tools for grants from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, and were created for technical support providers. (Cours GMS)


Making CCMs More Strategic: Frameworks

Open: Making CCMs More Strategic: Frameworks

This course focuses on the GMS frameworks within which consultants may operate to facilitate Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) strategic thinking and leadership.

Strategic Technical Support to CCMs: Oversight Strengthening

Open: Strategic Technical Support to CCMs: Oversight Strengthening

This course offers frameworks and approaches for working with oversight committee members to strengthen strategic oversight, incorporating the new PR Management Dashboard and CCM Summary tools for tracking grant performance.

The Helping Model

Open: The Helping Model

The Helping Model, developed by E. Schein, offers a process consulting approach that will be useful for consultants in any field.

Technical Support for Grantmaking

Open: Technical Support for Grantmaking

This course will provide guidance and examples on the GMS approach to coordinating grant-making efforts with Global Fund principal recipients (PRs).

Implementation Mapping Webinar

Open: Implementation Mapping Webinar

This course focuses on a structured seven-step methodology and approaches to facilitate the process of implementation mapping with PRs and CCMs.

Risk Management Basics

Open: Risk Management Basics

This course will provide consultants with risk management principles, approaches and tools for supporting Global Fund beneficiaries in their risk management activities.

Risk Management: The GRAM Tool

Open: Risk Management: The GRAM Tool

The GRAM tool is used by Principal Recipients (PRs) to develop risk management heat maps and mitigation plans. In this course we will focus on supporting and facilitating this process with PRs.

Strengthening Storage and Distribution in Global Fund Grants

Open: Strengthening Storage and Distribution in Global Fund Grants

This recorded webinar discussed challenges and solutions in strengthening health products storage and distribution chains in Global fund Grants.

PR Management Dashboard Basics

Open: PR Management Dashboard Basics

The PR Management Dashboard provides PRs with a mechanism for collecting, consolidating, and visualizing periodic data on grant performance from the PR and its sub-recipients (SRs). The dashboard displays financial, programmatic and PSM (procurement and supply-chain management) indicators at grant and implementer levels to enable PRs and SRs to use data for decision making to improve grant performance.


Open: CCM Summary Basics

The CCM Summary is a dashboard that provides members of a Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) and its oversight body(ies) with a user-friendly, highly visual display of information about the performance of Global Fund grants, based on the data collected and displayed in the PR Management dashboards.

Regional Dashboard Basics

Open: Regional Dashboard Basics

The Regional Dashboard is a companion to the PR Management Dashboard, designed specifically for global Fund regional grants. This course will provide an overview of the tool, its uses and guidelines for technical support.

SR Management Tool Basics

Open: SR Management Tool Basics

The SR Management Tool is an Excel-based tool that helps the SR track its progress against planned activities, budgets and programmatic targets over the period of one year. This course will provide an overview of the tool, its uses and setup process.

Implementing dashboards - what works?

Open: Implementing dashboards – what works?

In this last course in GMS dashboards series, you will be able to learn about various aspects of implementing dashboards in the field, from highly experienced individuals – GMS Technical Managers, team leaders, consultants and Global Fund staff. In short video clips, interviewees will share what they have learned on assignments, common challenges and suggested best practices for ensuring successful implementation.