First, Do No Harm: Considerations for mitigating social harm risk in rolling out HIV index testing among AGYW

Partner notification linked with HIV index testing has been recommended for adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in low and middle income countries to support global efforts to reach 95-95-95 goals and achieve epidemic control. While HIV index testing and partner notification services have the potential to reach AGYW aged 15-24 and their sexual partners in need of HIV testing services, the implementation of partner notification requires careful consideration to minimize potential social harms for AGYW who may be experiencing violence or stigma, fear violence or stigma, or who may have acquired HIV as a result of violence. YouthPower Learning reviewed the evidence on social harms linked with HIV index testing and partner notification, including intimate partner violence and stigma. In this webinar, YouthPower Learning discusses the relationship between HIV partner notification, index testing, and intimate partner violence and its effects on AGYW living with HIV.

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