The Power of Knowledge Sharing: BID launches tools and encyclopedia of learnings spanning five-year journey

By Laurie Werner, Global Director, BID Initiative, PATH Immunization is one of the most cost-effective public health interventions. But even as countries achieve national and global targets for immunization coverage, they often face challenges immunizing the children who are hardest to reach with life-saving vaccines. Led by PATH in partnership with the governments of Tanzania [more…]

Making the Case for Investing in Community Health Workers

When community health programs are well-designed, managed, and sufficiently funded, they can yield substantial health and economic benefits. In addition to contributing to a healthier, more productive population, they can reduce the risk of costly epidemics while generating substantial cost savings for families and health systems.1 On the other hand, when poorly designed or managed [more…]

Our Blended Learning Experience in Thailand

In collaboration with the Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP), MSH recently used LeaderNet in a face-to-face workshop setting. As the Course Coordinator, I greatly appreciated the ease with which we could change PowerPoints, case studies and other materials to suit the needs of participants and the participants liked LeaderNet’s easy-to-access layout. They quickly became accustomed [more…]

Four Things I Have Learned about Learning

People often struggle with how to capture and share learning, how to create meaningful and productive learning opportunities, and how to measure success. Here are some lessons I have learned from my 15 years of working as a leader and instructor in knowledge management and learning. Keep it simple and systematic As public health professionals, [more…]