Blog Guidelines


LeaderNet blogs are a dynamic way to share personal insights and knowledge on topics of global health and development importance with health practitioners around the world.  They are often short, informal, and take a storytelling form.

Blogs may be submitted to LeaderNet at any time. Some examples of when to write a blog are included below:

  • After participating in a conference, technical meeting, or learning event.
  • After publishing a new tool, approach, or other technical resource.
  • In advance of days of global health importance.
  • Repurposing a blog posted elsewhere to expand readership.


Consider using an intriguing and unique title that lets readers know how the blog will be useful for them.

Opening paragraph
Begin with a compelling sentence. Consider a bold statement, compelling question, or quote that will spark interest in reading more.

Clearly state your main points and insights. Numbered or bulleted lists can be an effective way of making your text easy to read and remember.

Emphasize the main takeaways and actionable points for the reader. You may end with something that invites readers to interact with the authors or with resources mentioned in the blog.


Keep it short
LeaderNet blogs range from 400 to 600 words. Blogs are intended to quickly share insights and knowledge to others in global health and development.

Add personal touch
Blogs should be written in the first person so that readers relate to your perspective of the author. Even when a blog has multiple authors, it is important to maintain a personal touch to the blog rather than a formal, structured report.

Include crosslinks
Because blogs are typically short, authors are encouraged to include cross-links to resources either on LeaderNet or elsewhere on the internet.

Photos and graphics
Blogs can be strengthened by using visual elements including photos or graphics. All blogs include a photo of the author(s).

Action oriented
Blogs often have a call to action, whether to access or use a new resource or to think differently about a specific health or development issue.


When a blog is accepted, it will go through an editorial process to be shared and approved by the author. When posted in the LeaderNet section on blogs, blogs will also be shared through our social media channels and may be considered for the monthly newsletter to LeaderNet members. 

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