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Transformational Learning: Rewind and Fast Forward

Transformational learning – the kind of learning that in a moment shakes fundamental beliefs and assumptions resulting in new ways of seeing each other and behaving accordingly.

Those of us in the training and facilitation professions likely aspire to get people exposed to the kind of learning experience that fundamentally changes the way they see the world. Usually, when that happens, a series of emotional and cognitive processes are set in motion, eventually producing a change in behavior.

LDP Shows Great Success in Madagascar

Between April 19 and May 6, 2017, together with three Malagasy Leadership Development Program (LDP) facilitators—Virginia Razafindrakoto, LMG/Madagascar Program Manager, Elie Rasoloniaina, and Adolphe Rakotonandrasana— I travelled over 2,200 kilometers (1,367 miles) across three regions of Madagascar to visit 16 LDP teams who had shown proof of their leadership after the completion of an LDP [more…]